Friday, 14 March 2008

Bad News Good News

Bad news for beer drinkers.

The Chancellor announced excise duty on beer, wine and spirits would rise by 6% above inflation the biggest monetary rise since the 1970s.
You may think that means that the price of a pint will increase by 4p.
It is only the duty that is rising by 4p but by the time we add on the VAT etc the rise can be a lot more. However your Committee has decided to limit the increase to just 5p-6p per pint.
The increase on spirits will only be 3p and because good house keeping by your Committee we are going to keep the cost of house doubles at there present price for as long as we can. Increases will take affect from Monday 24th March.

Good news for beer drinkers.

By the time this report appears in our news letter it is hoped that our new Kingsley Smooth 4%ABV will be on tap.

More Good news for beer drinkers.

Your Committee is starting consultations with certain parties in the hope of bringing a beer festival to our club. Talks are at an early stage but watch this space for more exciting announcements.